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Camera Watec-660D/G2.5

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Fitted with 1/4 inch Interline Transfer CCD Sensor
• Number of Total Pixels - 537(H)x505(V) : (EIA) 537(H)x597(V): (CCIR)
• Number of Effective Pixels - 510(H)x492(V) : (EIA) 500(H)x582(V): (CCIR)
• Fitted with a 1.9mm Fixed Lens (Glass)
• Supports a Synchronizing System - Internal
• Supports Resolution of 400TV Lines (Center)
• Supports Minimum Illumination of 0.06 Lux @ F2.0
• Video Output - Composite Video 1 volt peak-peak 75 ohm
• Features AGC -  5 ~ 32dB
• Features Electronic Iris - selectable 1/60~1/100000sec (EIA)
  1/50~1/100000sec (CCIR)
• Features Back Light Compensation - AGC: On/Off, EI: On/Off
• Powered by 9v DC ± 10% 0.9W (100mA)
• Accessories available Cables with Connectors (K-59)
• Various Lens Options available 2.5mm, 3.8mm or 3.7mm Pinhole
• Lens Mount - M13 P=1.0
• Weight of 35g (G3.8)

* Design & Specifications are subject to change without notice
* Miniature pinhole lenses cannot be interchanged with glass lenses and vis-a-vis

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